It has almost been one year since I joined the INI team. I wish I had done it sooner. I love the system with the monthly dues and the great ability to earn a great commission. I had paid so many fees in the past with a national/international well known company. By the time everything was deducted I was probably making fifty percent on a sale. My first thought was that I would miss the help I received from my office personnel, but I realized after I went with INI I actually received more help and a willingness to go beyond what I ever dreamed. If you try it, you will like it.
– Bob McGarvey
With INI Realty since April 2014
I love everything about being an INI Realty agent. I have the freedom to run my own business. When I have a question (when I need help), Leo and Marina are right beside me all the time. The office is always available for meeting with your clients in a professional environment. You keep your hard earning commission after you pay a very minimum fee, which makes me a very happy Realtor. INI Realty gives you a warm family feeling, and you know they will be with you when you need them. I absolutely recommend other agents join INI Realty. I would like to share my little happy secret with other Realtors: if you want to be happy, come to INI Realty.
– Fha Okten
With INI Realty since November 2011
I have been a Realtor for over 15 years and worked with 4 other companies. INI meets my needs (& wants) as a Realtor. There are several advantages for me - I get to keep my commission and get paid immediately. No waiting for several days or even several weeks. There are no required weekly meetings and no caravans, no after hours cold calling. I can work at home and no one is looking over my shoulder. If I have a problem or question, I can e-mail my Broker and receive a quick response. With George having his law degree and working in the office, legal questions are not a problem. When I do go to the office, everyone is friendly and efficient.
– Sharon ("Shebbie") Raymer
With INI Realty since January 2011
The best part of being a Realtor with INI Realty is that I can keep the majority of my commission – commission that I worked for. It just killed me to give 36% to my previous broker and receive ZERO support. INI is the easiest broker to work with and makes it a pleasure to actually go into the office. There is no hassle from them yet they give great encouragement and support in all listings and sales. I highly recommend being a Realtor with INI Realty.
– Melissa Machaj-Abbs
With INI Realty since October 2012
I've been with INI for quite a few years now and I have nothing but good things to say about them. It's been a great experience: your costs are low; you make a bunch of money when you make a deal; there's no pressure to make deals, go to office meetings, any of that stuff that you have to do with other companies. So all I have to say is it's been a great experience and I love INI Realty.
– Larry Denis
With INI Realty since November 2007.
INI Realty has been a wonderful partner for me as I develop my real estate business under my personal format enabling me to bridge my shortcomings to my needs, present and future.
– Anthony Meyers
With INI Realty since March 2018
I love it here because I can work independently at my own pace and have the full support of the office when I need it! The fees are reasonable and we can work out of our home office. I would recommend INI to anyone wanting a change!
– Toni Sneed
With INI Realty since April 2010
I've been with INI Realty Investments, Inc., for a little over 2 years now and couldn't be happier.

Leo and George are always very positive, outgoing, and happy to help with any questions I might have.

Marina is diligent and incredibly responsive to all paperwork questions and emails and keeps the ship on course and running smoothly.

This was one of the best business decisions I've made and have absolutely no regrets. I can't see myself working anywhere else.
– Bryan Gates
With INI Realty since September 2015.
The atmosphere here is friendly (more like a family than a business). You can't beat the commissions!!!! They give you many different options that fit your needs. They also do not have mandatory office hours. I would definitely recommend INI Realty to other agents. It is a wonderful company to work for and I am glad that I am part of the team.
– Karen Breckenridge
With INI Realty since May 2007
I am a licensed Realtor with INI Realty Investments, Inc. in addition to being an active real estate investor and developer here in Jacksonville, Florida. Working as a Realtor is a major function of my business operations and I could not be more grateful to partnered with INI.

[B]eing an agent with INI allows me to succeed both as a Realtor and as a business owner. [L]eo & Marina, and their son George (who is also a Florida real estate Attorney) are all super knowledgeable professionals and are always extremely helpful when I need their support.

Anytime I have questions or concerns, they are immediately responsive and help with genuine enthusiasm. I honestly cannot believe they provide all of the quality services they do operating as a 100% commission based brokerage; which is yet another massive benefit of working within their organization.
– Justin Bullock
With INI Realty since August 2018
I have been a Real Estate Agent with INI Realty while working my full time job as a paramedic/firefighter. Leo told me during my interview that I can make as much money as I want or as little as I want. There is no quota. I love working at INI Realty because it is total Freedom! It is a entrepreneur's dream to be able to sell home and receive 100% commissions. Being a part of this organization has allowed me to grow my Real Estate business without questions or unwanted pressure. I have recently retired as a firefighter and it is exciting to see how much
we can grow working with INI Realty full time.
– Dwight Cicero
With INI Realty since March 2009.
As a licensed realtor since 1985 and Broker Associate since 2001[,] I have had my license with the large national residential real estate franchise companies, a small local real estate & mortgage broker and even a national commercial real estate brokerage firm. In 2012 I joined INI Realty after the local residential real estate & mortgage broker closed their doors and another national franchise residential real estate brokerage moved out of Florida.

I have found INI Realty to be a happy medium providing the technical support of the large national real estate franchises and the informal, relaxed close atmosphere of a smaller locally owned brokerage with seasoned agents to network or share listings and buyers.

In addition, the lucrative commission programs at INI Realty are the icing on the cake.
– Tom Stanko
With INI Realty since December 2012
After [changing many] real estate companies, I settled with INI. If you are a go-getter and don't want to give away your hard earned commission[,] do what I did as well as 100s of other agents did--you'll be glad you did.
– Charlie Touch
With INI Realty since February 2018
I am very pleased that I chose to place my license with INI. There are many reasons that this a great company to join. The flexibility of schedule allows me to work at a pace that I determine. The fee structure allows me to keep most all of the commission. All the agents have access to a sophisticated office to meet with their clients. The INI staff are always helpful and available to resolve any problem that may occur.
– John Brooks
With INI Realty since June 2010
I came across INI Realty Investments, Inc., in 2008. I thought their philosophy was too good to be true. In fact when I met with Leo and Marina, I brought a veteran realtor with me to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I couldn't believe I could keep 100% of my commission and just pay a transaction fee. As soon as we met I knew I wasn't dreaming and Leo and Marina were people of integrity. They allowed me the freedom to run my business the way I chose while being supportive when I needed help or advice. They have the tools, support and legal advice we all need to succeed. I have NEVER had an issue or a problem personally or professionally that they weren't there to help solve.

After I moved to Miami in 2011, I never found a company that compared to INI Realty. When I moved back to the Jacksonville area and was ready for retail real estate, I knew where to go. When I walked in their door they greeted me with the same smile and genuine energy that was there since day one. I felt like I was home again. I was so impressed with all the positive changes, their growth, legal department, their technology and the ability to continue to be on the cutting edge. Most importantly I want to emphasize that they truly care about each and every one of us professionally and personally. I have always been paid on the day of closing and never been charged with hidden fees. They are upfront, open and are ALWAYS there when you need help or guidance. I am always reminded that they are just a phone call away. I can't imagine being a part of another company.
– Michele Taylor
With INI Realty since Dec 2016
If you can make business happen, then you’ll want to come and work here. I enjoy working with Leo and Marina very much and I recommend this broker to all good agents in Jacksonville.
– Sander Palaj
With INI Realty since November 2009
Great company to work for! Has been a great experience working for INI Realty Investments, Inc. Very knowledgeable, responsive, and caring staff!
– Zenaida Mickle
With INI Realty since April 2015.
I have been with INI for several months and really enjoy it. They have all the help you need and none of the interference you don't need. Great administration. I am making much more money and would recommend INI for experienced Realtors.
– A.C. Fairbrother
With INI Realty since June 2012
I enjoy the freedom of having no office demands, and I know that it is there as a backup if needed. When you spend hours and hours and hours to get to a closing, why give up part of your commission? Join our team and keep it all.
– Craig Acree
With INI Realty since June 2009
If you are the type of agent that has incredible work ethic and spends a lot of your resources on marketing, then INI Realty Investments is the brokerage for you. I came from a traditional brokerage which did not allow me to take my marketing to the next level, just simply due to the fact I was leaving so much on the table after each transaction. Before moving to INI, I investigated other brokerages, but INI simply had the best overall offering. Since joining INI, my business has exploded due to the freedom and support INI offers me. Leo and Marina are fantastic, responsive and very supportive - what more can you ask for from your broker! Joining INI will be the best move you make for your real estate business. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain - trust me on this!
– Jeremy Lafferty
With INI Realty since August 2014
I like the fact that I can run my business on my own and not have to deal with the typical office duties (and politics) of some other brokerages. The broker and office manager are always very helpful and great to deal with, and they take good care of their people.
– Matt Berrang
With INI Realty since February 2008
I have enjoyed the flexibility that working with INI Realty has given me along with the fact that there is no mandatory "desk time." Leo and Marina have been very helpful and I would recommend INI Realty to anyone who is seeking 100% commission, flexibility, and a knowledgeable, congenial broker.
– Patrice Evans
With INI Realty since April 2010
I have been doing property management for the past 15 years, and I am very blessed to work with a company that provides me with opportunity, referrals, as well as help and guidance in growing my business and reaching new goals in this market. I only have the best to say about INI Realty and its Broker. You could not ask for nicer people to work with like Leo and Marina – they are the most kind-hearted and giving people I have ever met. I would certainly recommend others to come to INI Realty.
– Katrin Rabrin
With INI Realty since May 2007
I have been a realtor since 1992. I have experience working with several different brokerages over the years and have a good eye for what’s available for agents to choose from.

I have no regrets about joining INI Realty Investments, Inc. I have been with this company now for many, many years. They are a reputable, honest, trustworthy, compassionate, and willing to help, teach and support their agents/realtors. Unlike many brokerages, they put their realtors first.

I also love being an agent with INI because of the 1) flexibility, 2) 100% commission, 3) office availability/use for meeting clients, copying/faxing/computer work, 4) broker availability and willingness to assist/teach agents, and 5) no desk duty. What more could a girl ask for? These company qualities are hard for any other real estate agency (past, present, or future) to beat, and its all done with a SMILE. I recommend INI Realty to any other agent starting out or seasoned in the industry: this organization easily accommodates both.
– Gloria Crosby
With INI Realty since December 2008
I have been working at INI Realty Investments, Inc., for several years now and just love the fact that I don't have Tuesday morning meetings or caravans which gobble up your time. The Brokers at INI understand that our time is valuable and respect our knowledge of the business. They are there to help you if you need them and they quickly pay you after closing, no waiting for days for your commission. They also have George, a real estate attorney, on their staff ready to answer any legal questions you may have.

I love that I get 100% of my commission!!

They are not demanding and easy to work with and I really have never felt so good about working for a real estate company in my 30 years as a Realtor in Jacksonville!
– Shelly Donald
With INI Realty since October 2015
I love the independence, as well as the fact that if I run into a problem of any kind, I have a caring Broker with plenty of knowledge in the Real Estate field to rely upon. I've worked for big name national companies and they are impersonal and constantly taking your money in various ways. . . . I think agents should definitely try INI. If [an agent] believe[s] they need more training, there are many ways to receive that. If an agent is unsure of his/her experience, there is always camaraderie with experienced agents that can be offered. If a question needs to be asked of the Brokers, they are immediately available. You passed rather difficult tests, you take your continuing education classes, and you care that you have a professional demeanor. It just doesn't make common sense to pay someone else for the ability to do your work. No one needs to take your money when you are doing your job. That working situation in real estate just doesn't make sense any longer.
– Dee Schwab
With INI Realty since July 2007
I chose INI Realty after being with one of the big local companies. The biggest reason was the money. I was tired of giving up a large portion of my commission so someone else could reap the profits from my hard work. I found the additional money that I am saving from not paying someone else is better spent by me for the marketing that I see most effective. I have had multiple agents try to get me to open my own company so they could work with me, but it just does not make any sense with the ease of working with INI. You can build your own team within INI Realty and not have worry about the headaches of all of the other agents transactions (liabilities) or all of the "office work" that goes along with your having your own office. You can also run your business without having to take time out for sales meetings (sessions to make you feel bad that you didn't have a deal that week) or desk time that takes away from your time to market yourself. . . . Why be a free secretary? Your sign calls will come directly to you and you know your listing better than any new agent that may be answering at the office. I would recommend anyone that is a producer and a leader to come on board with INI Realty to unlock your earning potential.
– Mike Schwiebert
With INI Realty since November 2008
I have been a Realtor with INI Realty Investments, Inc., for longer than I can remember. I used to work for a nationally known company with multiple offices in Jacksonville. When I worked for the nationally known company, I found myself frustrated constantly with the lack of personal support. Basically being ignored by the broker and pawned off to favored Realtors with emphasis on Teams and splitting commissions. Not to mention the absolutely absurd percentage they would charge for every deal I brought in. Working with Leo and Marina has been a true blessing. Just right there, “Leo and Marina” That should speak volumes. [T]hey always answer my calls, always address my concerns and have never let me down not even once. Not to mention their son George is an in-house attorney who has helped me maneuver through several situations that the national company would have never been able to provide. The commission split is the best I have seen. Quite simply I could not say enough good things about my time at INI.
– Chris Hernandez
With INI Realty since May 2014
I have had my license with INI Realty Investments for about four years and couldn't be happier. The pay structure is great: we Realtors get to keep more of our hard earned money when a transaction closes. The support they give to their agents is wonderful. Leo and Marina are always available to provide excellent advice and are more accessible than larger Brokerages. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with INI Realty Investments, Inc., and I recommend agents who want control of their business make the move now!
– Debra Fain
With INI Realty since November 2009
I've been in real estate for ten years. I've been with INI Realty Investments for four years. Do I have any regrets? Yes; the only regret that I have is that I didn't come on board with this company sooner. INI Realty is a great company to work for. Marina and Leo have been outstanding in assisting their Realtors in whatever capacity is needed. Unlike most real estate companies INI Realty allow their agents to keep 100% of their commission. I will highly recommend INI Realty to any Realtor.
– Virginia Covin
With INI Realty since Oct 2013.
Great group to work with! Always available, on-time, answers questions and always ready to assist their agents with their customers and transactions! I’m very happy with my decision to move my business here! No smoke and mirrors - the best - 100%.
– Jennifer Weigle
With INI Realty since August 2019
I am very happy with my decision to work for INI Realty. I have found Marina and Leo to be extremely helpful whenever I have questions as well as making me aware of best practices. Marina is always timely with following up to any questions I may have. I have learned so much working for INI Realty and wouldn't consider leaving for any big name Realty firms, as I appreciate the personalized attention they provide at all times.
– Donna Grant-Vanterpool
With INI Realty since January 2008
INI Realty supports you in whatever capacity you choose to run your business. I really enjoy the independence provided, yet the immediate availability when I have questions. Plus, the commission structure can’t be beat! I would much rather receive 100% of my commission than pay for services I don’t need.
– Loren Wyatt
With INI Realty since October 2014
I'm an agent with 14 years of experience. After 10 years I got tired of giving a huge portion of my commission to my Brokers. Especially since they provided me with little to no viable leads. I'm a networker and people person and can generate business but when I need back-up, Marina & Leo are there. INI Realty Investments also has a real estate attorney on board if I need a difficult or sticky question addressed. In short, I highly recommend this brokerage as "the place" to hang your license. Especially for experienced agents looking for as much as a 100% raise because of not having to split your hard earned commission.
– Horace Covin
With INI Realty since October 2013