How to Join


How To Join INI Realty

Q: I've decided to join. How can I do that?

You need to click on the yellow button at the bottom of the page to pay your one time sign-up fee of $25. This will allow you to receive your Welcome Package (either by mail or e-mail) and get access to the restricted areas of the web-site.

After completing this transaction, please print out and fill out our INI New Agent Package. Make sure that you read every document and agree to every disclosure and disclaimer. Please sign, date and initial the required pages, include a copy of your driver license and Real Estate license, and fax or upload and e-mail everything to us (whichever is convenient).

After receiving your file, we will take care of all appropriate steps to sign you up with INI Realty Investments, Inc. We will add you online through DBPR’s website and fax your 2050 Form to NEFAR and DBPR. You will then receive an e-mail with DBPR’s confirmation attached and instructions for recording your personal 800# Extension along with the # for that Extension.

Please allow 24-48 hours for completion of this process. Note: It is your responsibility to contact NFMLS the next day and make sure that they switched you from your previous office to INI Realty Investments, Inc. If you are a brand new agent, please call NEFAR directly with the questions of how to join the local board.

Q: I want to join, but I have few listings on the MLS. I know that all listings belong to the Broker / Office. What should I do?

You will need to talk to your current Broker and discuss this with him/her. If your Broker will release your listings to you, he/she will need to do it in writing and fax this written release to MLS and to us.

Q: What is your termination policy?

INI Realty’s Independent Contractor agreement has no obligatory time-period. If you wish to leave INI Realty Investments, Inc., your written email can serve as a request for immediate termination. Commissions for pending transactions prior to the date of termination will remain effective.

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